Turtle Dove Harmony
Turtle Dove Harmony


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“This was a very special experience; much of the safety and patience comes from all of your patience with yourselves, tolerance of your own missteps and forgettings, and your willingness to be vulnerable in front of us. It set a great tone for the weekend!” Liza B.

“How to convey the magic that happened in Boghill? Every one of us was changed, expanded, moved by all those experiences and came to a new understanding and empathy. We all learned, shared, and were deeply enriched by every moment of those encounters, musically, spiritually, personally, and in every way.

Thank you to everyone for making it all happen and especially to Brendan who provided a loving, caring, open generosity that created the perfect environment for such a miracle to unfold.” Cindy

“Thanks to you, Brendan. for creating a little piece of heaven for us all last week.” Teresa

“What a gift---this music of the world that brings us all together from our different cultures and practices giving us all the same joyful, creative purpose. Isn't it lovely to know we can come from far and afield and know each other somehow? How we are all part of this great human family humbly struggling to know ourselves and live in joy and love in the world. These camps are about so much more than singing. . . ” Kathy

“THANK YOU FOR AN AMAZING WEEK FULL OF JOY, WARMTH, INSPIRATION AND RENEWAL. I loved every single second of my time in Ireland. . . the setting, the music, the laughter (even the tears), the food of course, and the sharing of voices and friendship with each of you.” Patricia

“Finally, a chance to sit and put pen to paper and express my sincerest gratitude for the wonderful 10 days we shared in July! It was an absolute joy to meet you all, to sing together, eat together and play together. The workshop and the days after it were the highlight of my summer and reminded me what pure unadulterated JOY feels like!!” Sarah W.

“All such wonderful leaders. Similar in the strengths of seemingly unending energy (and bounce), balanced with steady calm. Different in individual strengths, all with a great sense of love of community spirit and music.” Anne T.

“As a first for me, it was at different times intimidating, frightening, embarrassing and so satisfying.” Wendy F.

“You three are AMAZING!! Each of you has unique skills to offer, wonderful strengths that played off each other. It was such a diverse yet well-rounded choice of songs and I learned so much from you. The way you handled the group was graceful, skillful and oh so patient.” Allison A.

“Inspiring! Musically this has been one of the most satisfying experiences I have had. I have really enjoyed the mix of musical styles and the obvious ease in the dynamic between Kate/ Nils/ Brendan. Fantastic teaching—exciting music—couldn't want for more!” Richard S.

“Thank you for an experience of communion through music that for me has been inspiring, energising and fun.” Richard S.

“I must say I'm still reveling in what a transcendent experience Turtle Dove was for me. Such warm fellowship... I think a lot of that is directly attributable to the intentions you had for the camp, and people were attracted to that energy and brought their own positive feelings to it. It's great to know there's more to come!” Megan F.


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