Bright Wings

Since 2011, The Bright Wings Chorus has been performing Brendan’s original choral work and traditional shape-note hymns with power and sensitivity. They have recorded three albums: Here Below (2011), Signs & Wonders (2013) and Vineyard (2016).

“If you are moved by the sacred, if you need music that takes hold of your bones and won’t let go, you should own a copy of Here Below. It’s simply the most powerful stuff I’ve heard in a long time and I don’t know what to do with it except tell you over and over that you must have it.” —A.D.

Bright Wings past and present

Mia Bertelli
Avery Book
Meg Chittenden
Gideon Crevoshay
Elsie Gawler
Sarah Gibson
Mason Gohl
Rachel Gordon
John Harrison
Stephen Higa
Addie Rose Holland
Fred Letson

Ashlynn Manning
Ian McGullam
Erica Morse
Adam Riggen
Leighanne Saltsman
Adam Jacob Simon
Wheaton Squier
Casey Steinberg
Emily Steelehurst Thompson
Katie Trautz
Julia Mara Wayne
Conor Weiss