Our harmony singing camps are a testament to the extraordinary things ordinary people can achieve when they come together. They are also a lot of fun, and there is nothing quite like singing in harmony with others. People come to our programs with a broad range of musical experience, from novice singers to experienced choir leaders. Wherever you fit in that spectrum, you are encouraged to join us.

Most often, everyone stays together at a retreat center, eating communally and sharing a lot of time. Often we are asked to help with clean up after meals, and see this as another opportunity to create community. Each day, we spend about 6 hours singing as a full group, with the leaders taking turns to present material. Each leader brings their individual focus and expertise, making the musical blend of each camp unique. In addition the singing, there is time during the week to walk and play and explore. Evenings are free.

For details on individual sessions, please look at Programs.