To The Hills (Wester Caputh)




This has been sung all over the world, from the South Island of New Zealand to the hills of Scotland, where it was born. I have been so moved by how many people have been touched by this song, but really I feel like I was just the right vessel at the right time. I was hiking on the Isle of Eigg (Inner Hebrides) in 2011 and the song came to me whole cloth. I was worried I’d forget it and the only device I had at hand was an old point-and-shoot camera, so I took a video of a rock and sang all the parts that were in my head, transcribing them when I got back to the little bothy I was renting. Corollary lesson: when you are writing what will become your most popular song, be sure to give it a title that is easily pronounceable. I failed at this on this one, so here’s a guide: Wester (no n) Cape-ith, which is the name of a hostel in Perthshire where we had a memorable Turtle Dove camp in 2011 . You can watch the Bright Wings Chorus perform the song here.

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